How It Works:
Getting a trusted financial guide has never been easier

 Getting started is simple. There’s no paperwork for your employees to fill out. No books to read. No workshops to sit through. As long as they have a smart phone or computer, we can help.

Employees can access TrustPlus anytime, anywhere


Your employee starts with one click in a text (or email)

Our service is designed for today’s changing workforce, who may not have a set schedule or daily access to a desktop computer. So our setup is designed to be done via mobile phone or computer.
TrustPlus Financial Action Plan app


Employees choose a coach & schedule their first session

Instant financial insights, on-demand

If desired, we can pull up their credit report in advance to give them immediate insights on their financial situation.


In the first 30-min session, we create a Financial Action Plan

They’ll feel a renewed sense of control in just 30 minutes.

We give your employees a complete view of their finances and a practical, action-based plan to achieve their specific financial goals.

TrustPlus Action Plan Take Action Today

From there, employees stay on track with simple progress-tracking tools...

Everything they need, all in one place

Your employees can log into the TrustPlus app to message their coach, review their progress, create or edit their budget, get reminders, and more.

…and get UNLIMITED access to a coach they trust

The sky’s the limit with TrustPlus. With TrustPlus, your employees can book as many sessions as they want to get the help they need.

Yes, all information shared with our coaches is 100% confidential.

Your employees can feel safe knowing their information will
not be shared with anyone (not even you).

Workers turn to TrustPlus when…

We help your employees navigate systemic financial issues and address their immediate money challenges. Our coaches are experts in:
Wage Garnishments Icon

Wage garnishments

Becoming debt-free is like trying to lose 50 pounds: it’s not going to happen overnight. That’s why TrustPlus arms your employees with highly effective, easy-to-use tools to help them budget and pay down their debt.
Navigating 401k loans

Navigating 401k loans

When it comes to 401k loans, we do two things. 1) Our coaches help employees save money over time to cover emergencies. We hope that this will reduce the use of 401k loans, which can negatively impact ultimate retirement balances. 2) When an emergency fund is not enough, or nonexistent, our Financial Coaches will help employees understand their options, the features of a 401k loan, and the costs/risks.

Why Us — Debt Eliminated

Student loans and credit card debt

Employees are facing record amounts of credit card and student loan debt. Our Financial Coaches are experts on debt management and repayment strategies to help your employees feel in control of their debt—not overwhelmed by it.

Preventing payday loans Icon

Preventing payday loans

Our Financial Coaches help employees prioritize emergency savings and help address the types of scenarios where they might use payday loans. When an employee’s savings are insufficient, a financial coach can help them find a more affordable alternative—often through a local financial institution or online lender. Avoiding payday loans can significantly reduce the stress of high-interest debt.

Day-to-day money management icon

Day-to-day money management

The most common source of financial stress isn’t overcoming a financial emergency or dealing with things like wage garnishment. It’s navigating how to cover everyday expenses when living paycheck to paycheck, worrying about whether they can pay a bill today or should wait for their next check. Our Financial Coaches are here to listen to your employee’s story, offer insights and recommendations, and guide them to take action so they are less stressed and able to focus on their jobs.
TrustPlus testimonials

“For low-income employees, what we’re really trying to do is eliminate as many hurdles as possible. So the fact they could just do it over the phone was definitely appealing.”

— Cami Caudill, Fuel Fund

Getting started isn’t just easy on your employees…

We help you promote TrustPlus to workers all across your organization.

TrustPlus promotional materials

In addition to making our employee onboarding as accessible and easy as we can, we also give you all the branded promotional materials you need to educate your employees about the program and let them know how to get started. Our materials make it clear to your employees that we are a trusted partner of your organization.

TrustPlus promotional materials
TrustPlus Financial Wellness Program for Human Resources

We provide unique insights on employee financial health.

TrustPlus Financial Wellness Program for Human Resources

We’ve been empowering workers to control their finances for nearly 25 years and are experts on helping workers alleviate short-term financial pressures. We can also help you as an employer by sharing unique insights into workers’ financial health challenges and provide helpful resources, tools, and recommendations on ways you can better meet their needs.

Want to learn more? Contact sales to set up a 15-minute call and see exactly how we roll out the program to your employees

…including how our tools work, offer full details on our pricing, results, and more.