Personal financial coaching, digital tools, and resources from TrustPlus now available to tens of thousands of New York City drivers in the nation’s largest driver-led advocacy group

Tens of thousands of Uber and Lyft drivers and other members of the Independent Drivers Guild in New York City now have access to personal financial coaching, digital tools, and resources from TrustPlus, at no cost to them.

TrustPlus personal finance coaches work one-on-one to reduce debt, strengthen credit, and build savings, providing on-demand expertise tailored to each driver, in English or Spanish, via phone or online meeting.

As a service of nonprofit Neighborhood Trust Financial Partners, TrustPlus does not sell financial products or earn commissions, and everything clients share with TrustPlus personal finance coaches is 100% confidential.

The nation’s largest driver-led and driver-powered advocacy group, and a Machinists Union affiliate, the Guild represents over 80,000 For-Hire Vehicle drivers (mainly for Uber and Lyft) in New York City and advocates for more than 250,000 drivers across New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Illinois, and Florida.

The Guild has been instrumental in improving conditions that contribute to drivers’ financial health, from requiring tipping to be an option for all rideshare apps in New York, to winning the nation’s first livable minimum wage for rideshare drivers, and advocating for the right to bargain.

“It’s rewarding to offer a financial health solution to organizations like the Independent Drivers Guild which serve gig economy workers and understand the transformational impact of personal financial coaching, human connection and empathy on both workers and the organizations that employ or support them,” says Milly DuBouchet, Lead Business Development Manager, TrustPlus. “When we partnered with the Guild during the onset of the pandemic, we saw credit scores go up and debt go down among drivers who engaged with TrustPlus personal financial coaches, and we’re looking to expand on that impact going forward.”