TrustPlus Is a Feature of Leading Worker-Focused Fintechs Creating a Fintech Market that Contributes to Worker Financial Prosperity

Financial services firms have recognized the need to re-incorporate human interaction into digital-only approaches. Fintechs in particular have seen that real human guidance builds trust with customers and drives both product engagement and frequent and smart product usage.

TrustPlus is providing this much-needed human trust factor as a product feature integrated into select fintechs that aim to solve worker financial insecurity.

A leading financial wellness benefit offered to businesses nationally, Trusted Advisor’s technology platform enables our expert financial coaching to be delivered anytime, anywhere and linked to a holistic suite of financial products, tools and data.

TrustPlus enables a seamless connection between human guidance and tech-based financial products. We believe this trust+tech solution meets the financial needs of today’s consumers in a way that a completely algorithmic approach cannot.

Our Fintech Design Challenge

Trusted Advisor is serving a select number of fintech products, both providing coaching to their users, and collaborating to explore innovative approaches to product integration, user experience, and data analytics, exploring how to blend the human and the algorithm to optimize for worker engagement and impact.

We work with mission-aligned fintechs that are 1) passionate about solving for financial insecurity among workers, 2) recognize the need for a human touch in financial technology solutions, and 3) are eager to tackle a good design challenge and learn together. 

Our Fintech Partners

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